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Junction Boxes - Indoor and Outdoor 

Spelsberg Junction boxes marketed by cape electric are made from halogen free fibre reinforced Polycarbonate (Outdoor) / Polystyrene (Indoor) materials which are available in IP65 Range for Outdoor / Indoor Application. IP68 Ranges of JB’s are used in Extreme application such as underwater or soil. JB’s are available for cable dimension from 0.25 Sq mm to 240 Sq mm. One of the major specialty of cape electric junction boxes are its Side mounted terminals from 6Sqmm to 35Sqmm which provides more space for cable termination and is easy with Aluminium cables.

  • Self Sealing Membranes in small JB‘s. No need of Glands. IP 65 Quick and safe assembly.

  • Cable entry through back - Easy for pole mounting application.

  • Break-proof, self-extinguishing thermoplastic of high quality and perfect finish.

  • Can be used under harsh and corrosive environment, acid and gasoline resistant.

  • Halogen free, Low Smoke, Non-Toxic & Silicon Free.

  • Temperature Resistance – 35° C to + 80° C.

  • UV resistant (Fiber reinforced PC).

  • Light Weight.

Application IP65 Boxes : Street Poles, Industrial, commercial etc. Application IP68 Boxes : Gardens, Swimming pools, Shipyards etc.

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