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About US

Established in 1997 we are the first and front runner in various technological products in India, be it Lightning Protection, Electrical Installation Materials or Electrical Safety.


1997: Our reactive power compensation panels marked its quality during the initial years of establishment of cape, which were working in difficult environmental condition inside wind turbine towers working at high temperature, high harmonic distortions and frequent change in reactive power demand.


1998: SPD's were new in India when we supplied and installed the first SPD's for industrial electronic systems.


2002: DC combiner solutions were unknown once when we delivered outdoor DC panels for SOLAR PV industry.


2004: Our technical seminars on Lightning Protection not only helped industries in solving failures related to Lightning, surges and Earthing but gave an in-depth knowledge about international standards.


2006: Starting of Power Generation from WIND


2016: TN-S system with PME for industrial earthing, with out earth electrodes in soil. Carrying safety and earthing a level above the existing practices.


2019: Global Earthing System interconnecting EHV/HV/LV and ELV system  for large industrial and commercial installations and smart cities. Starting of the first project in India. Solutions with almost negligible touch voltage and with out earth pits in soil.


2022: SOLVE - A digital platform as a knowledge and process partner to ensure Safe Operation of Low Voltage Electricity.


"LEADING THE MARKET WITH RIGHT SOLUTION” is our motto and the team in Cape Electric are continuously trained to provide end to end solution from design to implementation, rather than selling products for the customers need.


fig: Annual generation of electricity by our WIND TURBINES

Leading the nation to electrical safety
  • Established in 1997 at Kanyakumari.
  • Over 200 Employees.
  • 2 manufacturing locations.
  • Partnership with leading European manufacturers
  • All India operations with offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Odisha and Kolkata.
  • Distributors across India.
  • Partners in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
  • Projects across India and Nepal
  • Experience of over 1000 projects
Electrical safety in LV system
Lightning protection and foundation earthing system
Industrial installation, IP65/66 outdoor double insulated enclosures and Industrial plugs and sockets
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Design, Risk Assessment, Training safety studies and failure analysis
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