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MCB Distribution Boxes 

Spelsberg Modular Distribution Boards marketed by Cape Electric are made from halogen free Fiber reinforced Polycarbonate (Outdoor) / Polystyrene (Indoor) materials which offers IP65 protection. DB’s are available from 3 module up to 70 modules available with Earth and Neutral terminals. Wiring space 150 mm between rails makes these DB’s more spacious and convenient for easy wiring. One Of the major advantage of theses DB’s are they are easily extendable and are modular. Large number of available universal accessories greatest flexibility in assembling Large DB’s without compromising IP65

Distribution Board.jpg
  • Break-proof, self-extinguishing thermoplastic of high quality and perfect finish.

  • Large space for wiring & easy operating facility with the durable and openable window

  • Can be used under harsh and corrosive environment, Acid and gasoline resistant

  • Halogen free, Low Smoke, Non-Toxic & Silicon Free

  • Temperature Resistance – 35°C to + 80°C

  • UV resistant

  • Light Weight

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