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Safety products

Lightning Protection System as per IEC 62305 and NBC of India,

Lightning protection embedded in structural steel,

Foundation earthing system,

Global Earthing system for EVH/HV/LV and ELV applications

Exothermic welding

SPD's for Power lines, DATA lines, Signal lines, SOLAR PV, WIND


Industrial Installation Systems

Shock proof (double insulated) corrosion resistance enclosures

Junction boxes

Empty enclosures for the industrial assembly and machines

Small distribution board

Outdoor enclosure and cabinets

Meter enclosures

Industrial distribution boards up to 1250 A

Fire protection junction boxes

CEE industrial plugs and sockets

Socket distribution boards

Rubber distribution boards for construction industry (high impact resistance)

Shock proof double insulated CPRI tested electrical panels

Cable reels

Combiner boxes for SOLAR PV

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