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Electrical safety Hospitals and Medical Location (part 1)

Electrical Installation in Hospitals are critical due to its working environment and sensitivity such as:

  • WET Areas, where chance of electric shock is high for the patient and the medical staff.

  • Oxygen enriched areas, where the chance of fire is high.

  • Life supporting equipment connected to patients having applied parts by passing skin.

  • Medical electrical equipment or system producing Electro Magnetic Environment (EMI)

  • Availability of power and stand by power, change over etc

  • Highly sensitive electronic systems

The webinar will explain about the safety measures to be adopted in Hospitals and Medical locations to get safety of patients, doctors and nurses working in medical locations and fire due to short circuit.

The webinar will have two parts and will be specially designed for Bio Medical Engineers and working professionals in Hospitals.

S. Gopa Kumar, Member MT40, IEC TC64 (IEC60364-7-710: Safety in medical locations)

Amaya Shaji – Manager (Bio Medical safety), Cape Electric

Video (part 1 – Introduction)

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