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CAPE : Industrial process and automation

Safety audits and conformity assessments as per IEC 61000

Reliable electronic installation are critical in an industry when it comes to productivity. Any failure or temporary shutdown of ICT system can severely affect the performance of the industry.

Such installation require conformity of EMI/EMC in addition to TIC's for safety

  • Safety audits, Bonding, and reliability requirements as ISO/IEC/ITU standards
  • Reliability requirements as per ANSI/BICSI/TIA requirements

Shielding networks in DATACENTER and ICT buildings play a major role in reliable operation of these system.

Improved shielding requirements of ISO/IEC & ITU standards ensure reliable and long life of associated electronics in these environments.

CAPE : MESH-BN networks

Planning and implementation of MESH-BN for new buildings

MESH-BN networks are improved and modern versions of Star/Ring topology, and Single points earthing systems used in concentrated electronics environment. MESH-BN are suitable for both low and high frequency application. The resistance and impedance requirements are met in MESH-BN as a result high performance from Electronic systems are assured.

CAPE : EMP protected installations

Planning and implementation of EMP protected installations and conformity assessment of devices used in such installations

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation, creating energy that can easily damage and destroy electronics. EMPs are rapid, invisible, and often unpredictable bursts of energy that is produced by a nuclear detonation, powerful natural solar events or EMP bombs.

When exposed to EMP, permanent damages occur in electronic components, systems, and networks.

CAPE : Static Electricity

Design, erection, and testing of protective measures against static electricity based on the modern international standards.

Static electricity is created when two objects are rubbed together. The resultant charge build up often could ignite potentially hazards.

Several Industrial systems need protection from Static electricity.