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Lightning Protection Survey

  • Study the need for Lightning Protection System: The need for lightning protection is studied through risk assessment as per IS/IEC 62305 and the level of protection needed for the building is drawn as a conclusion.
  • Study of the adequacy of existing Lightning Protection System as per IEC 62305: The existing Lightning Protection System will be studied as per the new Level of protection and other parameters involving the corrosion, SPD, bonding, routing of cables etc.

The objectives for the survey are:

  • Evaluate the existing Lightning Protection System installation as per standard (IS/IEC 62305) and perform on-site tests to confirm the integrity of the system.
  • Evaluation of existing LPS with needed improvement to retain the IEC 62305 requirements.
  • Perform Risk Assessment of site as per IEC 62305-2:2010
  • Selection of appropriate Lightning Protection Level and protection measures as per IS/IEC 62305.
  • Survey of the structures for External Protection System designing as per IEC 62305-3.
  • Study of electrical installation for Internal Lightning Protection System as per IEC 62305-4.
  • Design and prepare Lightning Protection System and prepare Bill of Materials in accordance with IS/IEC 62305.
  • Prepare safety measures for the protection of the contents of the buildings including electrical and electronic installations such as bonding, shielding, routing and SPD’s
  • Prepare periodic maintenance schedule for Lightning Protection System.