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Protec T1HS
Special features:
  • Leakage free hybrid topology
  • High discharge capacity due to unique design impulse discharge current of 25kA
  • Energy coordinated with other ProTec families without additional cable length
  • State-of-the-art thermal disconnector
  • Backup fuse up to 315A gG
  • Short circuit current rating up to 50kA
  • Vibration and shock withstand capability
  • All modules, also N-PE, with operating state green-red
  • Optional remote contact (RC) signaling
  • VDE-IEC Class I & II / EN Type 1+2 and UL Type 4CA certified

The Type 1+2 surge protective device contains two high rated stand-alone varistors in series with a gas discharge tube that, in combination with a state-of-the-art space-saving thermal disconnection mechanism, ensure optimal system protection under all kinds of overloads. The series connection isolates the varistor from the grid, making it suitable for use upstream of meter panels in low-voltage consumer installations while making it immune to temporary overvoltage. The operating state requires no power to operate and instantly shows the health of the surge protective indicator. Besides a visual mechanical indicator, an optional remote contact (RC) device features a three-pole remote signaling terminal to remotely monitor the operating state of the device