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Protec T1S
Special features:
  • Leakage current free solution, Class I, Iimp = 35kA & 50kA
  • Low voltage protection level, Up < 2.5kV
  • Can be installed in IT systems (Only SPD with Uc 440V)
  • No external backup fuse required up to 500A
  • Vibration and shock withstand capability
  • Sensitive and reliable state-of-the-art disconnector
  • Short circuit current rating up to 100kA
  • Compact power package, 35kA & 50kA Iimp in 2 TE

The ProTec T1S combines lightning current and surge arrester performance. The patented multi-gap tube technology enables the extinction of follow current under severe short-circuit conditions at a wider range, from just a few kA up to 50kA, while also preventing the tripping of upstream fuses, thus ensuring sustainable system operation. Ease of installation in single or three phase systems is further simplified by universal energy coordination with not only Raycap’s units but any other brand without additional cable length. By using a unique thermal disconnection mechanism, optimal system protection can be achieved under all kinds of overloads, setting world standards in “spark-gap” performance technologies. The operating state indicator requires no power to operate, instantly showing the operating state of the surge protective device. Besides the visual mechanical indicator, products featuring remote contacts (RC) provide a three-pole remote signaling terminal that enables users to remotely monitor the operating state of their devices.