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Protech T2 Adv
Special features:
  • Early warning system with clear green-yellow-red indicators
  • Available in a wide variety of operating voltages from 75V to 480V
  • High surge maximum discharge current capability of 50kA
  • State-of-the-art thermal disconnector
  • Backup fuse up to 315AgG
  • Vibration and shock withstand capability
  • Optional remote contact (RC) signaling
  • VDE-IEC Class II / EN Type 2 certified and UL Type 1CA certified

ProTec T2-ADV features an advanced three-stage life status indicator showing an intermediate degradation status before the arrester’s end-of-life state, thus indicating possible problems or needed maintenance from overvoltage activity, before complete failure. During the SPDs end-of-life transition, green yellow red, the connected equipment is continually protected against fatal overvoltage effects. The specially treated atonomous varistors provide reliable determination of the first switching disconnector, and the redundancy of two powerful separate varistors, both of which are functionally connected provide a unique safety advantage. These safety reserve systems are imperative for the growing need for notifications or alerts when changes in conditions occur, and are ideally suited in a variety of environments that protect critical infrastructure. In addition to the visual mechanical indicator, optional remote contacts (RC) feature a three-pole remote signaling terminal, enabling remote monitoring of the operating state of the device.