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Protec T2F
Special features:
  • Integrated back-up fuse – no external fuse needed
  • Reduces design complexity and optimizes installation
  • Better overall voltage protection levels due to less wiring
  • High discharge capacity - Imax up to 40 kA
  • Short circuit current rating up to 100 kA
  • Type 2 SPD, compliant to IEC 61643-11
  • Shock and vibration tested

The pluggable ProTec T2F Type 2 arrester with integrated fuse saves space in the control cabinet and facilitates installation as well as maintenance. The Type 2 ProTec T2F has a protection level of 1,500V, a maximum discharge capacity of 40kA 8/20μs and a rated discharge current of 20kA 8/20μs. Thus, in addition to the proven Raycap ProTec T2 product technology, developed for use in systems with a rated current of up to 315A, without back-up fuse, this product can offer protection that is independent of the installed fuses in equipment in larger factories and industrial plants. By integrating the back-up fuse and eliminating the external fuse holder assembly, the ProTec T2F offers up to 50 percent less space requirement in the control cabinet compared to conventional Type 2 arresters with external back-up fuses. The combined device conforms to standard DIN Rail dimensions, making the overall installation faster and cost-effective.