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ProTec T2-CM-L-E
Special features:
  • Pluggable design with 9mm size per pole
  • Type 2 and high rated Type 3 SPD
  • Available in operating voltages 275V and 440V
  • Short-circuit current rating up to 25kA
  • Discharge capacity Imax up to 10kA (L-N) and 20kA (N-PE)
  • All modules including N-PE with operating state green-red
  • Optional remote contact (RC) signaling

ProTec T2-CM-E offers basic protection as a Type 2 and high rated Type 3 surge protective device (SPD) for operating voltages (Uc ) 275V and 440V. The varistor-based protection modules feature outstanding short-circuit current up to 25kA which is one of the highest among the products of this range, and therefore, gives more installation flexibility. All modules are equipped with a state-of-the-art thermal disconnector and life-status green-red monitoring indicators for each mode of protection – in this case, two indicators per plug. Beside the visual mechanical indicator, optional remote contacts (RC) feature a threepole remote signalling terminal, which enables remote monitoring of the operating state of the device. This space saving solution can be used in all sub-distribution boards, AC EV charger applications, and many others.