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ELECTRICAL SAFETY REGULATIONS 2022 (Draft) – Panel discussion Joining Link


The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) had proposed to replace the existing safety regulations by the Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2022. Electrical Inspectorates of the state governments are following these regulations to ensure safety.

This panel discussion is to discuss about the changes in the draft regulations which is going to influence the safety in a consumer premise. The webinar is planned on 09 and 16 July 2022 at 11 AM onwards.

09th July 2022 – Introduction about the main changes on the regulation

16th July 2022 – Detailed panel discussion with all experts

The draft regulations are open for comment, and can be downloaded from >>

Video of part 1 of the panel discussion ( 09th July 2022)

The video have Chapters:

0:00 Introduction
9:25 changes in new draft and propaganda business in India
59:00 Q by Shri HH Khoja
1:00:27 Q&A Shri Appavoo
1:16:14 Q&A Shri Goswami
1:27:37 Q&A Shri Hemant Sali
1:47:10 Q&A with participants

Total duration 2 hours, 37 minutes

The power point on few changes in the new safety regulations can be downloaded here under.

PPT’s regulation new draft 2022

Blogs on small subjects related to regulation are already included in various blogs.

Blog on standard India should follow for electrical safety with example of violation in Metro Rail construction

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